Monday, September 28, 2009

Kind of bummed!!!

Well, last week at class our prof forgot his we didn't get to look at all our pics. This weeks assignment is portraits...kind of excited about this one...get to do some experimenting! sorry there isn't more to update, but I haven't shot the portraits yet! Thanks for taking time to stop by!!! Toodles!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Doors/Windows/Door-knobs/Hinges....part 1...

Our latest assignment in photog favorites are of the old truck...the door and the busted out window...I don't know why it drew my eye, but it did!!! Hope you enjoy these shots!


More of the pics for latest assignment! I think our prof was expecting some really "beautiful" shots of intricate detail...but to me, the rusted and old and burned stuff was more beautiful! I also totally love the little grasshopper on the last picture...old rusty hinge and a cute little grasshopper!!!! Bonus!

Friday, September 18, 2009

More on my photo class!!!

Well...I have finished 4 weeks of my photography class...I had heard that it was a horrid class before I even went...and after going for 4 weeks, I can understand why someone wouldn't like it...but...sadly...I am learning things! What does that say about me?!!! Apparently I don't know too much! The first assignment was "Things that interest me"...that's was a little difficult because so many things interest me, and yet I couldn't find anything to take a picture of! HA! The next assignment was "Sunrises or Sunsets" and we had to do Silhouettes...I had an awesome idea...I wanted to shoot my friend, Carissa, and her big pregnant belly as my silhouette...but the sun didn't want to cooperate that night, so we decided to just shoot some fun belly shots of her! So at least I got to do that! Our last assignment was "CityScapes and Reflections", and I posted a few of those pics! That was difficult for me as well...I didn't really understand what a "cityscape" was. But I guess I did alright, since the prof really liked my pics! Go me! The next assignment is "Doors/Windows/Doorknobs/Hinges"...this is the first time we get to crop and i'm hopeful...we are also supposed to be "artsy"...this makes me a little nervous! I'm going to go out and look for some cool looking stuff to shoot tomorrow w/ my friend, Susan! She is so creative! I'll love her input! Anyway...that's all I wanted to share! I just look forward to seeing what catches my eye next!

Photography Class...

This week in photography class we had to go and shoot "CityScapes"...I wasn't sure what that meant...didn't know if we need to shoot lots of building or parts of buildings or I did what looked interesting to me! We also had to shoot a couple of reflections! Now, these aren't that great because we aren't allowed to adjust them in any way...(i.e. no photoshop) We traveled to Stillwater, Ok last weekend so I tried to shoot some there! So the two on the bottom,spiral fire escape and top of "Old Central", are at Oklahoma State University...and then the rest are in will only allow me to post 5 pics, so i'll just have to narrow it down to my top 5 out of the 8 I have! The shot of my reflection in the water was a little tricky to get...I was on top of a grate on the sidewalk...but the reflection of Josie is my FAVE!!! Love my girl!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby Gemma!

My friend, Carissa, was helping with an assignment for my photography wasn't going well, so we decided to just go ahead and get some belly shots of her! Here are a few of my favorites...Baby Gemma!

"Love Fest"

OK! I recently got a new most of my earlier shoots are on my other laptop...tough luck since that one has gone ka-put...I really need to get it down to the computer-fixin store! I have lots of pics on that hard drive! But...the shoots I do have on here, I also i'm going to share some of my favorites! The first two shots are of my fantabulous friends, The Jones'...they are the most fun and make every get-together memorable! We have nick-named these shoots as "Love Fest"...they will celebrate their 10th anniversary in November by renewing their vows...these are some of their "engagement" pics! These are my two favorite shots of them! Hope you like em!!!

Testing...Testing... I am! Starting a blog about my photography! Go me! I'm going to be adding pics from photo shoots and writing about all of my fun adventures clicking away! I'm currently taking my first photography class to try and learn more about it! I don't really know much, just seem to have a knack for capturing great shots! Hope you enjoy!!!!